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Music by Dennis Coleman

Trippin' On Your Love by Dennis Coleman

Dennis Coleman’s poetic “Trippin' on Your Love” reminds us of how passionate, awkward and, at times lonely, a head over heels love can be. Coleman’s smooth yet compelling falsetto, lush harmonies and a few spicy measures of his trademark saxophone, sets the mood for this beautiful Smooth Jazz styled tune,. Most listeners of this track will easily relate to the intoxicating effect of an elusive love affair.

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Dennis Coleman: Trippin
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Take The Chance by Dennis Coleman - MP3 download

“Take the Chance” represents Dennis Coleman’s expansion into other genres apart from classic Jazz. In this smooth piece, he added R&B and rhythmic Reggae to the mix. The lyrics take us to a place of tranquility and hope despite life’s struggles, especially those related to the heart. Coleman’s voice in this song shows empathy towards hopeful lovers and makes a broken heart believe it can take a chance again …" You'll hum this one in your sleep... 

Dennis Coleman: Take the Chance
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Back In The Mood - Dennis Coleman - CD/mp3

"Back In The Mood" Where Old Skool meets Smooth Jazz!
Singer/songwriter/multi-musician, Dennis Coleman has embraced the sounds of yesterday's R&B and packaged it into his latest CD, "Back in the Mood". Dennis merges Old Skool R&B with Funk and Smooth Jazz, producing a fresh original sound. His ability to hush the most active audience has created an ever growing buzz about his musical abilities.
"This CD was produced to provide a full entertainment experience. The majority of the songs were written specifically to fit the theme of the CD but also provide a great deal of variety without filler tracks."

Dennis established Pristine Studios, a recording studios in Long Island, NY, where he recorded and produced all of the songs in this CD. This is Coleman's first solo album, writing, performing and producing all of the music. Going against the tide of the proverbial "overnight success", this CD is a culmination of Dennis Coleman's long standing dream to let the world hear his expression of music. 

Please let us know what you think of the CD. Your input and comments are always welcome and very much appreciated!
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